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The Client: Philanthropic Golf

Philanthropic Golf is an innovative, golf-oriented organization started by PGA Pros aiming to deliver funds to deserving charities through a powerful voucher system.

The Challenge

Golf has a longstanding history of giving back to society, and continues to raise billions of dollars annually for charities across the country. Meanwhile, there are thousands of charities that struggle to find the funds they need. Getting funds from those who want to give to those in need, continues to be a challenge that hasn’t been solved by traditional charitable services and vehicles.

The Process

The Solution

Philanthropic Golf introduces an innovative e-voucher system that allows organizers, professional, and amateur golfers alike to play an important part in collecting and distributing charitable funds to those in need.

The Stats

Web App
Tean Size 6
Duration (Months) 28
Labor Hours 27,000
Complexity High (7/10)
Application Roles (Count) 15
Application Roles Administrative Agent
Support Center Agent
Quote Approval Manager
Oversight Manager
Legal Review Executive

Technologies Used







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